Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Road Less Travelled

It's day 15 of our blogger's challenge and here is our topic du jour:

"What the tourists never see in my town that they are really missing out on."

A few months ago, Mr. Smith and I were trying to show some friends around our neighbourhood so that they could decide if it was a suburb they might consider looking to rent in.  We decided to walk around and take some photos.

We left our apartment and turned left.  We walked past the train station and made a left again.  You continue straight on for a little over five minutes and come to a steep downward slope.  Suddenly you start to wonder if you really want to go down ... knowing you'll have to walk back up.  Of course, you can see Berry Island Reserve slowly coming into view and know that you just have to keep going.

It's an open green field perfect for playing frisbee and other fun stuff.  There is a playground for kids around to the right.  It's not huge, but fun for a good half-hour or so.  There's also a great walking trail called the Gadyan Track.

After spending about an hour looking around and walking the trail, we headed back home.  As we start the hike up the hill, we notice a sign on the left side of the road that announces a hiking trail that goes all the way to Wollstonecraft station.  So we decide to take it.  And we loved it!  The trail mostly follows the shore and you come to a beautiful section of streams with lichen and rocks and it's all green and shady.  Lovely!

We also found a Triumph engine buried in the soil near the base of a tree ... go figure!


  1. Pretty photos---I love those walks when you discover delightful new things.

  2. That looks like a really lovely area. That playground looks pretty darn sweet - it's like a cross between a tree fort an a jungle gym. :-)