Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More on the Sydney Job Hunt

So I thought I would fill everyone in on my job hunt in Sydney as it continues on.

On Friday, 07 February 2014, I had my second interview at S.  I was so excited.  Everything went really well.  The two ladies I met with were pretty easy to talk to and I felt motivated by the job.  The company was small and the software they were thinking of implementing in finance was new and something I looked forward to learning and developing.  On Tuesday, one of them called me and told me that they were not ready to move forward with the role after all.  They wanted to take more time to develop it.  I was devastated.  I was really looking forward to that role.  I was even willing to start part time to help develop it and see where it led.  I sent them an email and mailed cards to them letting them know just how interested I was.  Didn't matter.

So I persevered.  I've seen more recruiters than I care to count.  But the last one I met with is with an accounting only recruiting firm.  He is awesome.  He sat with me for an hour and went over answers to questions that I find silly, but that really can boost you to the head of the pack if you know how to answer them.  I appreciate that he took the time with me.  And he has called me quite often since I met with him.  I told him that I was willing to accept part time work as well ... thinking that if I worked part time I would still have time for my studies and quilting and socializing.  LOL

But then I received a call last Friday from a company (G) that I had applied to directly (not through an agency).  They wanted to interview me this past Monday.  I agreed to meet with them at 2pm.  This is for a full-time Accounts Payable + Administrative position.  The meeting went well.  I swear I thought they offered me the job.  I told them that I would contact them soon.  I called Mr. Smith and told him about the offer.  I suppose he has enough on his own plate without having to worry about my dilemma, so that was a short conversation.  I called R (the awesome recruiter) and let him know that there was an offer on the table and asked his advice about some stuff.  I called Bee and let her know that I had to make a decision.

I decided to call G back and let them know I was interested.  We had still not discussed salary, which everyone thought was really weird.  Well, thankfully, I barely had to speak before L told me that they still had a few people to interview and would get back to me.


Am I really so desperate for everyone to like me that I just imagined a job offer?  Apparently so.  How embarrassing!  Now I had to backtrack and let everyone know that ... NO, I was not offered a job yet.  Still looking.

And I'm still hung up on that first job.  I was so into it.  And there's nothing like it out there.

The funny thing is that Bee keeps telling me that I've only barely started looking.  I feel like I've been looking forever.  I'm getting too used to this.  I like not going to work.  This is so NOT good.


  1. I'm sorry it's been so rough! I hear similar tales from many Americans. I don't understand the work culture here. Everything seems so vague and informal. I look forward to entering the work force, but it's also pretty scary.

    1. What gets me is that the job ad will say immediate start, but you won't hear a peep for two or more weeks. I don't understand how people survive for months with no job here. It's damn expensive!