Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Day 25:  Revisit an old post that you now have more to say about

I've spent hours since coming home from work today reading old posts.  I'll be honest.  There's no specific post that I need to revisit.  I don't think anyone is going to threaten to kick me out of the challenge (LOL), but I'll take that chance.

Here's what I did notice ...

We arrived here 2 years ago today, so happy expativersary to us!  I had the same problems then with finding a job that I have had recently.  And it was the same time of year.  Summer is my least favourite season because I hate sweating and I sweat enough for 10 people.

It was a few weeks of running around from interview to interview while trying to find an apartment at the same time.  I don't think the trailing spouse gets enough credit sometimes.  So much pressure to perform now!  Of course, some can handle it easier than others.  Me?  I need positive feedback almost constantly.  I'm willing to admit it.

But I'm ready to put these chapters behind me.

Mostly because I just finished watching My Kitchen Rules and I'm so happy that David & Corrine are out of the competition.  It galls me that D&C think they still belong in the competition.  And I don't like Chloe & Kelly either.  The fact that they want David & Corrine to advance because they know D&C can't cook is weak and cowardly.

Enough of that.  I'm ready for some shut eye.  Bonne nuit, mes amis!


  1. Darn it, Yvette - you've gone and ruined MKR for me! I had it recorded! That's it - you are out of the competition! Lol. ;-)

    Oh my gosh, I love MKR. I also noticed I still have a lot of the same problems as when I first arrived - good to know I have grown, right? Happy Expatversary!

    1. OMG, Sam!!! I'm so sorry. I totes hate when people do that, too. Promise it will never happen again!!