Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I was at the Airport and ...

Oh, boy.

It's only Day Five of the blogger's challenge and I'm already stumped.  I've had many experiences in airports.  But what to write about?  Most people have stories to share about airports, whether they are positive or negative.  Luckily for me, mine are mostly good.  But it would help if I had some nightmare to share.  LOL

I had never been in a commercial airliner before I was 17 years old.  I had just graduated high school and the year was 1990.  My best friend (hey, Stacey G!) had moved to Tucson, Arizona to attend college at the University of Arizona and she wanted me to visit her.  So I bought a ticket and flew to meet her.  I landed in Phoenix (it was nighttime) and had to take a shuttle van to Tucson.  I remember having to sit next to some strange guy in the van who said with a little wink, "You can put your head on my shoulder if you want to."


So began my love affair with flying.  I actually love to fly.  Not every experience has been total bliss, but ...

Things I Love About Flying

  • Getting the online confirmation
  • The stamp in my passport
  • Walking through all the shops in the airport
  • Drinking coffee before the flight
  • Buying snacks for the plane (just in case!)
  • People watching!
  • Boarding the airplane
  • The excitement of takeoff!
  • Watching onboard movies
  • Taking naps on the plane
  • The excitement of landing!
  • Anticipating my luggage on the carousel

Things I Hate About Flying

  • Paying for the ticket
  • Waiting for my vacation to begin
  • Queuing up in any line
  • Taking off my freaking shoes when going through security (only in America)
  • Excessive crying from children on the airplane
  • Passenger behind me kicking my seat
  • Passenger in front of me reclining their seat
  • Airplane toilet
  • People taking forever to get off the plane
  • Customs

So that looks about even.  I suppose you could say that the positives outweigh the negatives for me.  Here's an interesting tidbit:  the first time I ever flew I was by myself and the first time I ever flew internationally I was by myself.  Kinda proud of that.  My first international flight was on Cathay Pacific.  I was completely blown away by how much food they gave you. And you got a little menu when you boarded the plane!  It was like studying a playbill before the musical started, but way better because it involved FOOD.

And finally, something awesome happened.  On a flight back to Australia from the US, Mr. Smith and I were ...


Have you ever been upgraded?  It's like winning the freakin' lottery.  We were bumped up to Premium Economy.  The only thing was we couldn't sit together.  Puh-sha!  Who cares???  We were so excited.  It was like we were walking on air when we boarded the plane.  

I was given a window seat next to a pre-teen girl.  The flight attendant came over to see if we needed any assistance.  I admitted that it was my first time in Premium Economy.  The little girl immediately piped in that she had flown this way heaps of times and started showing me how to use the footrest and where all the gadgets were.  WOW.  I usually need to save up for months to barely scrape enough money together to buy an economy ticket, but this child has flown Premium Economy heaps of times.

Haves/Have Nots.  Go figure.

I'm gonna close now.  I can see you goin' fishin' out there.  Til tomorrow!


  1. I enjoyed your enthusiasm over the positive aspects of airline travel. I have done so much of it in the last four years, that I tend to focus only on the negatives. And I think it's just as well that you don't have a nightmare story!

  2. I still love flying too even though it's a bit of a hassle at times. I still get excited and I love the views as you take off and land. Most of my flights have been very pleasant;. Flying with Qantas and Air New Zealand is a dream on economy; I can't imagine premium. You lucky girl!

  3. Haha. What a funny first flight - what a thoughtful creep to offer you his shoulder for your pillow. Wow, an upgrade? I wish I had experienced this - sadly, not yet. I always fly economy. When searching for flights - do I search the best airlines? Nope, just go for the cheapest. Lol. Funny how that pre-teen was used to 1st class - but, she sounds like a sweetie to show your the ropes. :-)

  4. How funny is the story of that guy offering you his shoulder. Thanks, dude!
    I love getting the "just in case" snacks, too. And for sure the people watching. Best place for that in the world.