Saturday, February 1, 2014

From Where I Sit

A few weeks ago I decided to participate in a blogger's challenge for the month of February because I'm starting to have a lot of trouble coming up with good things to blog about.  So today is DAY ONE of our challenge.  We've been given a different topic for each day and today's topic is...

The View From Where I Write


I sit on a big armchair with a footstool.  It's red.  I look out over a large balcony.  I wouldn't say that it's inspiring, but we do have a little bird who comes over for meals every day.  You can see the bowl outside where I feed him.

Oh, right.  And a large TV in front of me.  It can be a bit distracting, but I'm one of those people who like a bit of noise around me sometimes.  So the TV is important since Mr. Smith is not very talkative.

Usually I'm inspired to write about topics where I can use some humour.  That's my strong point.  And honestly, I can't think of a single thing to be silly about when discussing the view from my chair!

So until tomorrow, my loyal followers ...  all seven of you!


  1. Looks like a lot of lovely green in view! Is that a weber grill? I've been wanting one since I ate The Weber Grill Restaurant in Chicago. So good! Lol.

  2. having a balcony and visiting wildlife is a nice treat while writing about your adventures down under

  3. I love the red in your view, and also the fact that you have a bird that visits daily. Which kind of bird? Birds were one of my favorite things when we first moved to Melbourne, and I still have a soft spot for them, except for the magpies and the noisy miner birds that is.

  4. Yippee! Comments! I love comments and questions! LOL

    Samantha, what you are seeing is a Sunbeam grill, which Mr. Smith and I found at a Factory 2nds store when we first arrived in Sydney and realised that most things are double the price of the states. We had a Weber in Connecticut, though. Loved it!

    Hi Pearl Maple! We love our balcony. It extends all the way around two sides of our apartment and I get to set up my hammock on one side.

    Christie, we are the proud "owners" of a noisy miner. I just call him my lil dude. When we lived in Kirribilli, we would feed the rainbow lorikeets. That is, until they started burrowing in our potted plants. We would come home every night to find potting soil all over the whole balcony. We tried everything to discourage them. We put plates over all the soil... We put aluminium foil in the soil... You name it, we did it. I don't ever want to see another rainbow lorikeet. Give me the noisy miners any day!

  5. I'm really loving seeing where everyone writes from. We lucked out and got a great terrace in our new place, and I have to say that a nice outdoor space just makes life so much happier. Simple things!

  6. Oh, that big red armchair looks really comfy! I work indoors all the time, but I've thought of setting up an outdoor work space. Some days are too beautiful to be stuck indoors. Your balcony is a great alternative.