Thursday, February 13, 2014

Something I Left Behind ...

I'm not gonna be sappy today.  That would be so predictable.  Here's something I've had to leave behind ... Cajun food.

I'm talking gumbo, jambalaya, chicken sauce picante, shrimp étouffée, boiled crawfish, etc.  The last time I was home I had plenty of gumbo.

Chicken + Sausage Gumbo

Oh Em Gee!  That looks so good.  Sure wish I had a big ole bowl right now.  Well, it's 10:40pm.  Maybe not RIGHT NOW.  LOL!

Rice Dressing a.k.a. Dirty Rice

This is a dish that I can make here now that I have my Tony Chacherie cajun seasoning!  Everyone seems to really enjoy it and that makes me very happy.

Me at Jorge's crawfish boil for the rehearsal dinner before his wedding!

This crawfish boil was a lot of fun.  When crawfish are in season, we get together in big groups of family and friends.  You put together a bunch of tables and line them with newspaper and/or butcher paper.  You boil crawfish, potatoes and corn on the cob  in a very large pot with A LOT of spicy cajun seasoning.  There's nothing like celebrating and eating in the deep south.


  1. Can you make Cajun food? I miss Cuban food so much! My mom sends me Cuban coffee and some seasonings so I can make a few things, but even finding ingredients is hard sometimes.

    1. I can only really make the rice dressing here. I suppose I could make the gumbo, but it wouldn't be the same without the sausage and you can't get the same kind of sausage here. Can't explain. The problem is just the ingredients. Thankfully I have the seasoning, so that helps to add flavour to things I cook. I've been to places here who claim to have American and/or Cajun food here, but of course they have to "Australianize" it, so it's really not the same. I try not to even say that I'm from that area of the world, but my accent gives it away. I hate when they ask me if it's authentic. I simply can't lie.