Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tastes Like Home

It's day 21 of the blogger's challenge and today we have another food prompt:

Tastes Like Home

Okay.  Well, I've gone on and on and on about how you simply cannot get American food in Australia.  That being said, I'm going to concentrate today on the food I like in our current "home."

My best friend here in Australia is Bee.  You guys all know her because I talk about her all the time.  Bee is Chinese.  But she totally gets me.  I know that I can let her take me to any restaurant and she will know whether or not I will like something even better than I do.  She knows that I don't like veggies and there is no judgement.  Here is some of the food that Bee has introduced to me.

Dumplings - my fave are pork and prawn

Okay, so Bee didn't teach me about cappuccinos.
But she's always up for coffee and I love that about her.

I like mochas.  I still drool over this raspberry and
white chocolate muffin we got at Oliver Brown's once.

Chinese Hot Pot
Each person gets their own individual soup base.
Then you all order stuff to share.
It's all stuff that cooks up relatively quickly in your pot.

For some reason Bee ordered lettuce to cook in her hot pot.
Must be a Chinese thing.  LOL


Not really sure what this is.  I can't remember.
I can tell that it's beef and I do know that Bee is
obsessed with ribs, so maybe a rib dish of some sort?
We were at The Malaya.

Okay.  This was at Yum Cha.
Yes, I tried the chicken feet.  Never again.
I told Bee it would probably be fine if they were fried,
but she said it would no longer be Chinese.  LOL

The lovely milk tea.  Totes love milk tea.
Usually served at Thai restaurants.

More laksa.  I love chicken laksa.
This was at Miga Korean BBQ before they closed down.
It was spicy pork ribs with chunky rice sticks.  VERY spicy.

Chinese Moon Cake
I wouldn't even try this.  Sorry...

Satay chicken with peanut sauce on the side

Vietnamese mince pork with rice.
Of course I gave Bee all the green stuff
(including the pickle relish)

I'm including alcoholic beverages because
Bee is obsessed with trying to get me drunk.

So these are just some of the things that Bee has introduced me to.  She took me to a Chinese restaurant for my birthday in 2012, but I can't find the pics.  She had me try glutinous rice balls with black sesame.  They were quite yummy once I convinced myself to eat them.


  1. That Chinese hot pot looks super interesting! I think I might just have to give that one a try... I'll skip the chicken feet - I'm not even going to pretend I'm "cultured" enough to try it. Lol. =P

    1. I'd love to take you guys to hot pot someday ... we might have to take Bee with us, though. You'd love her. LOL

  2. great post, lucky expiats get to explore different places and the many tasty treats to try

    1. I'm not an adventurous eater. In fact, food scares me. But with Bee by my side, I'm more willing to give things a go because I trust her.

  3. Now I'm totally hungry! We get great Lebanese here but I haven't found any Thai and I miss it from my days in Kuwait. It's good that you have a friend who will introduce you to new things. I'm really picky too and I know I would never try chicken feet! You are very brave!