Thursday, April 30, 2015

We Have Repatriated!

On February 26th, Mr. Smith and I boarded a big jet plane with A LOT of luggage bound for the USA!  I make that sound so simple when (really) it was quite an ordeal.  When we booked our flights, we used Mr. Smith's frequent flyer miles (he has loads) to upgrade our tickets to premium economy.  But when we arrived at Sydney's international terminal, we learned that our flight had been cancelled due to mechanical trouble in LAX.  Our plane had never left American soil.

There was much negotiation back and forth (especially since Mr. Smith has platinum status on Virgin Australia) and we finally were booked from Sydney to Brisbane, Brisbane to LAX and LAX to JFK.  Once in New York, we had to haul all that luggage to the Enterprise rental desk (via AirTrain and shuttle bus) to pick up our car and drive the rest of the way to Milford, CT.

It was late when we arrived at the hotel.  The only viable option for dinner was Wendy's, but we weren't complaining.  The funniest bit was how unaccustomed we were to the portions and the unlimited soda.  God bless the USA!

In the days and weeks that followed, we have been very busy.  We closed on our new home, bought/leased a couple of vehicles and started new (old) jobs.  Just this past weekend our belongings arrived from overseas ... ahead of schedule to boot!  The house really does feel like our home now.  Everything feels so familiar, but in a new space, and I love that.

It's funny how everything that is old becomes new again.  Even though we were out of the country for three years, it doesn't always feel like it.  Moving back to the same area feels right.  Comfortable.

Interesting that when we moved to Sydney I found myself with no real friends or anyone to talk to.  We navigated the strange new world of renting an apartment in a large city.  I found work in a country where I was not a citizen.  My co-workers became some of the best friends I've ever had or ever will.  And now, although I was almost desperate to repatriate, I find that I miss them all.  I miss the culture of Sydney and her people.

So it's my blog and I'll blab on and on about it if I want to.

I want to thank you, Bee.  For taking me under your wing and showing me Sydney and her culture and cuisine.  I would NEVER have done it on my own or if the trust between us had never been built.  You did that.  You welcomed me and encouraged me to move out of my box.  Even though you never did give up trying to get me drunk.  :)

And I can't forget D, P (F) and S.

And my book club peeps.  Totally miss you guys more than I can say.

Much love and hugs to you all.