Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Aroma Festival

Mr. Smith and I left the apartment at about 11am this morning, headed to the Aroma Festival in the Rocks.  I took a few pictures and some video.  Hopefully everything comes out okay.  I had a bit of trouble uploading everything.  I'm not sure if Blogger is supposed to limit the content on each blog, but let's give it a go!

I'm not sure why these are called "Honey Donut Puffs."  They were just donut holes sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.  See below.

See?  Donut holes with cinnamon and sugar.  They were quite yummy.  :)

Ginger drinks are big out here.  Unfortunately, I'm not a fan.  I did try it, though.

There were so many booths with stuff to try.  Obviously, I didn't take a picture of everything.  These are just some that stood out to me.

These are good.  They are also known as "poffertjes."  Could not possibly pronounce it, but I'm happy to eat them.  You can get them in all sorts of different ways, like with fruit or ice cream.

Speaks for itself.

These just looked pretty.

I bought a gingerbread man who was pretty large, but there were larger gingerbread items as well.

My gingerbread man.

We got quite a laugh from this.  People were waiting in huge lines to ride camels.  They had to wear bike helmets.

Obviously, me with a cannon.  LOL

Same cannon, different photo.

Hopefully all these videos work properly.  I had quite a time loading them.  This last one is while Mr. Smith and I had lunch (fish and chips, of course).  The seagulls stand guard waiting for a chip to fall.  Some people give them chips, so of course, they aren't going anywhere.  Mr. Smith tells me that every time he is eating a meat pie in Circular Quay, a seagull swoops down over his shoulder and eats some of his pie.  Now he defends his food.  :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beauty Treatments

Before I even begin, I want to make two things perfectly clear:

1.  I am NOT photogenic.  Not in any way, shape or form.

2.  I think that my iPhone takes awful photos of me.  I think I look so much better in the mirror.  I guess you should read #1 again.  LOL

So, as some of you may know, I've started a series of microdermabrasion treatments.  I've had two treatments so far and I have four more to go.  I thought that I would post these photos and continue to do so.  Hopefully we will all see a difference.

I'm hoping for my skin pigmentation to even out a bit and I have some old acne scars that I hope will at least diminish.  It's not pretty, but here I am after two treatments:

I should also say that the treatment is not painful.  It feels like someone is using a vacuum cleaner on your face.  I have sensitive skin and I don't feel as though I have any redness or anything after the treatment.

I'm also getting the Omnilux Revive treatment after each microdermabrasion session.  We'll see how this all turns out.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Absolutely Stunning Sydney Day

After my beauty appointment this morning, Mr. Smith met me in North Sydney and we decided to head over to McMahon's Point, which is on the other side of the Harbour Bridge.  Here are some of the fabulous photos I took:

I cannot believe that I captured this with my iPhone!  This is Lavender Bay.

Saw this stump outside of a cafe in McMahon's Point.

Who knew that I would find a division of Diageo in this quaint little neighbourhood?

More Diago photos for my Eder peeps...

Right next to the front door of Diageo.

Mr. Smith ordered a Long Island Iced Tea for lunch... we're working on making him more Australian.

I had a cappuccino.  Look!  They gave me a teensy weensy choc chip cookie (it's peeking out on the left). 

We decided to walk along Lavender Bay on our way to Luna Park.

This is Luna Park.  Apparently anyone can walk through.  You only have to pay if you want to ride rides.  It's funny how that sounds fine when you say it out loud, but when you type it, it looks weird.

Big Dipper ride in Luna Park

I'm obsessed with Fairy Floss.  Why don't we call it Fairy Floss in the states?  Sounds so much cooler than cotton candy.

Big Top ride in Luna Park

See?  Obsessed.

Completely obsessed.  LOL

One of a couple of fun mirrors.  That's me behind the two little boys.

Love the burger columns at the "Hot Food" joint.

Ferris wheel in Luna Park

Merry Go Round in Luna Park

Merry Go Round

Thought these trash cans were cool, too.

California, eat your heart out!

One lone duck swimming in the bay.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Parking in Sydney

At least I don't have to worry about parking my own two feet.  Holy cow!  Parking FROM $9 per half hour!!

"Slimey Limey"

Found this product in a convenience store.  It was near the chocolate and caramel that normal people would put on top of their ice cream.  But LIME???  Maybe it's good...  Has anyone tried it?

Rainbow in the Sky

One day last week I left for work and it was a beautiful sunny day.  I brought my umbrella because the weather girl said we may have a sprinkle or two.  As I start across the Harbour Bridge, I see a gorgeous rainbow that seemed to be right in front of me.  It arched over and ended in the water to my left.  I captured this photo with my iPhone and then the skies opened up and let loose a deluge of rain!  People (those without umbrellas) were making a run for the pylons.  So I got out my umbrella, but it was raining too hard for me to get a photo of the end of the rainbow.  I can tell you that I didn't see the pot of gold, but perhaps it was at the bottom of the ocean?