Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day 22: There Is Still a Lot to See

The blogger's challenge prompt today:

Something I still haven't seen in my expat country

Australia is a very large place.  There are a lot of things that I still haven't seen and I'm sure I won't get to all of them.  But here's a bit of our Australia bucket list.

Uluru - It's a giant red rock in the middle of Australia.  Apparently it's really famous and I've only just heard of it.  The Aboriginals own it, but the Australian government holds a 99-year lease on it.  

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Coober Pedy - It's known as the opal capital of the world.  Mr. Smith was really excited about visiting Coober Pedy until we saw the episode of Dirty Jobs that featured Coober Pedy's opal mining.

So we were excited until we watched Mike experience the abundance of flies.  Now we are not so sure.  But what we thought would be cool is all the stuff that's underground.  They have accommodation, shops, museums and churches... all underground!

Tasmania - Mr. Smith has been to Hobart a few times for business trips, but I've never been.  I sure hope that I can make a trip to Tasmania before we leave Australia.  I don't have a specific plan in mind, but I'd like to see the wildlife and parks.  I still haven't seen a wombat and that would be nice!  They also have the best caves in Australia and I love caves!

Phillip Island - Mr. Smith wants to go to Phillip Island for the Superbike World Championships.  I want to go to see the Little Penguins.

Adelaide - We haven't been to Adelaide yet.  I'd really like to go.  Neither of us drink wine, but there are plenty of other things to do.  There's the beach and the Central Market...  And I cannot talk about going to Adelaide without mentioning Kangaroo Island.  This is probably where I'd want to spend most of my time.

I know that there is a distinct possibility that we won't be able to do all these things.  Any suggestions on what we should do first?


  1. Tasmania!
    I harbour not-so-secret fantasies about living there part time. But, only during the summer.

  2. It would be so amazing to see wild penguins in real life!! Gee, now I am gonna have to add Phillip Island to my bucket list.

  3. I would probably put Phillip Island at the top of the list, but that's because it's close to Melbourne, so you could see so many other things as well. If you do go to see the penguins, be sure to take the one lane drive out of the parking lot at the Nobbies before you go to the Penguin Parade. It follows the coastline. If you drive there during the summer months at twilight, you can pull over, get out of your car and listen for the penguin chicks crying out. Then you can find them peeping out of their nests---it is a much better experience than the crowds at the official Penguin Parade, although you do need to go there as well.

  4. Oh, just remembered - you can see little penguins on Kangaroo Island, too.

  5. Kangaroo Island and Kakadu/Kimberleys are my favourite places in Australia. I am a nature buff and its all there. Also, my family didn't care much for Ayers Rock but I loved it and felt a strange magnetism towards the Rock. Lots to see in Australia. It is a lucky and beautiful country. Enjoy!