Friday, March 30, 2012

I Hate the Washer/Dryer

Apparently the washer is capable of washing up to 5.5kg in one load, but the dryer can only dry 2.5kg per load.  So you are supposed to wash the clothes and then take out half of it, dry it and then dry the other half.  If I wash and dry a load in one cycle and run it on "Express Wash," the whole cycle takes an hour and 45 minutes.

5.5kg is about two pairs of pants and two shirts.  I'm not kidding.  Then when you pull the clothes out of the dryer, they are all wrinkled as hell.  I don't iron.  I don't like to iron.  I don't care to iron.  I don't want to spend all my time ironing.  I already have to work full time.  When I'm not working, I would like to be able to do things that I like to do.  I don't understand why Australia cannot produce a decent washer and dryer.

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  1. I really wanted to like the washer/dryer combo...but if it works like that - forget it!