Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm on a Rollercoaster Called Life

I feel more confident and reassured today.  Complete turn-around from yesterday.  I spent a couple of hours (at least) applying for jobs - any kind of job, really.  Then I did not sleep well last night.  I was tossing and turning just worrying about not being employable.  Today's activity made me feel much better.

First of all, let me tell you that when Jim left for work this morning, I thought we were having a monsoon.  I thought perhaps he would drown walking to work.  I mean, there were torrential downpours out there.  It's been a long time since I've seen rain like that.

Anyhoo, I had an appointment today at 2pm with Renee.  I learned about Renee in a roundabout way from my relocation agent (i.e. new best friend), Julia.  Julia works with Julie who was working in a position as a bookkeeper using QuickBooks.  Julie can no longer keep the position because she's got more than enough work on her plate.  So this position is 3 days a week at $35/hour.  I think I've mentioned it in the past few days.  So I met with Renee, a darling woman!  She sort of reminds me of Meryl Streep playing Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada.  Only she's sweet as pie.  :)  So she thinks I'm employable.  She's already submitted my CV to the company and they've already asked to interview me tomorrow.  Yeah, me!

While I was meeting with Renee, Louise from another recruitment agency called me for a meeting.  So I ran over to Hunter Street to meet with Louise.  Louise lived in California for a while and has now been back to Sydney for about 15 years.  We chatted a bit about Cali.  Oh, and she did mention a job.  :)  She, too, thinks I'm employable.  (Thank God!)  So this other job is full-time accounts payable and accounts receivable.  It's a financial services (superannuation) company that's been around for a long time.  They pay $50,000+ and subsidize gym memberships as well as serve everyone a healthy breakfast every day.  Because the clients are in and out, you have to wear business attire.  I thought I was well dressed for my meetings today with a nice dress and a teal sweater.  Apparently, I should wear more of a pin-striped skirt or pant with a button down shirt.  Boy, am I in trouble.

So I already have an interview planned (probably for tomorrow) with the part-time, $35/hr job, known as job no. 1 going forward.  And I'm sure the other company, job no. 2, will want to interview me too.  Job no. 1 is in Sydney CBD on MacQuarie Street and I have no idea what the dress code is there.  Job no. 2 is in North Sydney and therefore closer to me, although I would still have to travel about 30 minutes with a combination of train/walking and I know that I would have to dress up more (not really a problem, but I may have to shop a bit when we should be saving).  With just those qualifications, which would you choose?

I guess I'll wait until I've met with the candidates before I decide.

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  1. If you need the money go with job number 2, otherwise, enjoy some time down there and go with the part time job - that is what I would do (part time).....