Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We Got It!

Yes, we were approved for the apartment in Kirribilli and will be moving in (sort of) on Friday, 16 March 2012.  Now I just have to find a job to pay for it.  I'm meeting with another employment agency tomorrow.  I had to take the prerequisite "tests" to show what I know.  Excel is what I'm best at.  I got the worst score on that test.  Have you ever been subjected to these tests?  They basically ask you to perform a task and then sometimes limits the ways in which they want you to complete the task.  There were at least three tasks I was given where I was asked to perform the task without using print preview.  That's how I usually complete those tasks on an everyday basis, so I had no idea how to do it any other way.  I got those wrong, although I could have performed the task if there was no limitation.  Very frustrating.  One of the tasks was to (and I quote), "Add the Developer tab to the ribbon."  May as well have asked me to do that in Chinese.  I had no clue what they were talking about.  After the test was over I found out that the "ribbon" is the top of the Excel page where the Home, Insert, Page Layout, etc tabs are.  And I wasn't aware that there was a Developer tab, but apparently there is.  So I missed that one, too.  I got a 77% on Excel.

I hardly ever use Word.  I got 93% on that one.  And finally I had to take a typing test.  I type 57 words per minute with no mistakes (on a laptop, no less).  So I don't know what that qualifies me for.  I'm trying to get a part-time bookkeeping job using Quicken right now.  It's 3 days per week at $35/hour.  Hopefully I get that job and then I can just do odd temp jobs on the side, perhaps as an assistant or something since my typing is so good.  LOL

I have to admit that I've still got a bit of anxiety about everything that's going on.  Yes, we've got a place a live so I can tick that box, but now I've got constant pressure from Jim to get a job.  I asked the recruiter at Hays why she thought no one was asking me for an interview after receiving my resume.  She says that the fact that I have no knowledge of the Australian systems is a drawback.  Do these companies think that they can hire someone in with no training whatsoever?   I mean, anyone who comes in is going to need some kind of training.  I've never been hired anywhere and then fired for not being able to do the work.  Give me a chance!!!  So I may have to go for a junior job, I guess.

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  1. I'm so glad you got the apartment. I don't know where that area is so I will have to look it up. Once you are in, you will have to post pictures......

    God bless and good luck on getting a job. It isn't easy anywhere, I'm sure....Something will happen!!