Sunday, March 25, 2012

Annoying Stuff

#1 -     So like I was saying before...  we have a combination washer/dryer.  The dryers are so small that everything ALWAYS comes out wrinkled.  I'm a spoiled rotten American who is accustomed to a very large washer and a very large dryer.  And I don't iron clothes.  I can't think of anything more pointless.  No matter what I put on in the morning - as soon as I sit down the first time, everything is wrinkled anyway.  Absolutely pointless.  But at least back in the states, when I pulled things out of the dryer, they were fairly wrinkle-free.  At least enough that everything was presentable.

#2 -     My fluctuating emotions...  I hate how I've been feeling lately.  It was understandable to me that I would have some ups and downs while apartment hunting and job hunting.  I thought that after finding a job everything would be great.  For some reason, the thing that bothers me most right now is the lack of communication between me and my family and friends.  Some people are really good about replying to my emails, but some are just busy with their lives.  I know that.  Intellectually, I know that.  And it's okay.  I knew that this would happen going in.  I guess I just thought it would take longer.  I need to realize that I have to make new friends.  When I feel like I'm ready, I'm going to look for some Zumba classes near me.  Maybe I can get into a couple classes a week and just meet some girls who are like-minded.  I think I may also go to a knitting/crocheting group.

#3 -     I can't wait for my bed to arrive.  LOL!  We were told that the boat should arrive around April 6th.  Then we only need to wait for everything to clear customs.  There's nothing more to say about that.  I'm sure you know what I mean.

#4 -     They put capsicum in everything.  PERIOD.  Annoying.

#5 -     They charge you for every megabyte on the internet.  So, sure, Skyping is free, but we have to pay for bandwidth.  They get you coming and going.  Right now, since our phone and internet are not connected (apparently a problem with the lines in our apartment due to the remodel), we are having to use our mobile broadband and I totally hog it.  This means that only one of us can be on the internet at a time.  Right now, that lucky person is me.  I use it all the time because it's the only way I can keep in contact in some way with everyone.  Poor Jim.  He's been really patient dealing with all my disappointments.  I thought I would be just fine out here, but it's been hard dealing with loneliness.  Maybe it's a combination of my age and hardheadedness.

I'll shut down for now.  Most of the things I am encountering in Sydney are lovely.  I swear it's true.  :)

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