Sunday, April 1, 2012

We Needed More "Stuff"

Mr. Smith decided to reserve another car for today so that we could shop for more stuff that we can't take back home on the train.  We left at 10am again, but this time we took Betsy:

You always know a Go Get car by the orange mirror on the driver's side.

Hello, Betsy!  She's a Hyundai i30 Wagon with a child seat in the back.

On our way to pick up Betsy, we passed one of our favorite trees.  I made sure to take a picture this time so that I could share with you guys.  I have no idea what kind of tree this is, but I think that my mom will love it.  Let's see who can identify this tree first - PROJECT!  LOL

This is the tree from across the street.
It almost looks like extremely large honeysuckle flowers hanging upside down.

Close-up of the blooms.

So finally at 10am we were on the road again.  Driving in Sydney - there's nothing quite like it.  It's like you're the fill-in driver for an Indy 500 race car.  And not only are you just filling in, but they've stuck you on the wrong side of the car and the wrong side of the street.  Everyone is jockeying to get in front of you and you're driving around with the windshield wipers going on for no discernible reason.  I find that I want to burst out laughing every so often, but I try not to because I know that Mr. Smith is doing the best he can just to stay in his lane and pay attention to me telling him when he's supposed to turn.  I'll say turn left and he turns right.  I say, "Your other left!!!"  LOL - I'm amazed we are still alive.

Our first stop was at Factory 2nds Warehouse, where we planned to buy an electric grill for the balcony for $99.  I think we did pretty well.  It's a great place where you are buying new products but you get them at a discounted price because either that model has been discontinued or something like that.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with the product.  This transaction went well = quick.

Next we planned a trip to Bunnings Warehouse.  Think Home Depot.  We planned to pick up a trash can (if we liked the selection), an extension cord for the electric grill and a rug for the living room.  So we managed to park the car.  I'm telling you... our life could be a reality show these days.  You park underground and everyone is driving like they're late for something.  They just back out of spaces without looking.  Or maybe it just seems like they're not looking because the pedestrians are all dodging cars.  When we get inside I ask Mr. Smith what we are shopping for.  He mumbles something and I could have sworn that he said, "Rubber spoon."  I repeat, "Rubber spoon????"  He turns around and says, "RUBBISH BIN!"  I say, "Where are you from?  I'm from America and I'm looking for a trash can!"  I can hardly type remembering this exchange because the tears are streaming down my cheeks.  It was funny at the time, but reminiscing like this is good.  So we found what we needed (we actually bought a trash can - quite a feat for us), paid for it and went out to the parking lot to take our lives in our hands.

So we had over an hour and a half left.  We decided to go to the Chatswood Mall.  We were there yesterday and had done some shopping at Target.  While we were there, we found a combination aircon/heater at Bing Lee.  So we thought we could go back there with the car and pick up the air conditioner and not have to wait for a delivery.  This went pretty smoothly.  So we drove home, unloaded Betsy and then brought her back to her parking space with five minutes to spare.

We walked down to Fisherman's Cove for fish cocktails and chips (French fries).  They have very good fish and chips.  Then we walked to a convenience store for ice cream sandwiches (two ice cream sandwiches and a pack of gum for AU$10).  Then back home for a nap before opening up all our goodies.  So it's been a good day.  We are back to work tomorrow for a short work week.  In Australia, we get Good Friday and the Monday after Easter off.  So next weekend will be a really long weekend.

Hope you've enjoyed today's installment.  :)


  1. I think that plant[tree] looks like Datura----crazy toxic if that's what it is.Hope all is going well,Mark

  2. Sounds like a great day! I love the rent-a-car option.

    I think that might be an angel trumpet tree. My dad grew angel trumpet plants, but I've never seen one that large before!!!

  3. You are both correct! The Datura is also known as the Angel's Trumpet and they are extremely toxic and hallucinogenic. I've read some pretty crazy stories...

  4. Really - I grew up with angel trumpet's my whole life and I never heard they were toxic. If I look in the green house right now, there are probably a few of them in there! LOL - I would like to hear these stories some day!!

    I hope all is well!!!!!