Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm Being Held Hostage...

... by Ikea.

I bought a small sofa, two armchairs and two ottomans on Friday.  They told me that they would be delivered sometime between 8am-6pm on Saturday.  We were to expect a phone call between 8am-10am advising us of a two-hour window and then another call when they were 30 minutes away.  We never got the first call.  I called them at 11:30am.  They said that basically they had no idea where my stuff was and that we should call back in two hours if we still hadn't heard anything.  Never got a call, so I called at 1:30pm.  They still had no idea.  At 7pm, we got a call from the delivery guy saying that he would be there in two hours.  OMG!  So we waited.  At 9:30pm, I tried to call the delivery guy back.  No answer.  I left a message asking whether they were ever going to show up.

This whole time we have been at the new apartment with no furniture.  Just our Aerobed.  Jim was standing in the kitchen on his laptop ALL DAY LONG.  By the time it was 10:15pm, we decided to leave and walk back to the CBD.  We were halfway there when my cell phone rang.  It was the delivery company telling me that they would be there in half an hour.  Really?  Fine.  So we walked back.

They showed up before promised, but only had 4 of 6 boxes.  The guy said that he would call me the next day and we could decide when we wanted the other two boxes delivered.  I'm pretty gullible, I guess.

So we waited for that call all day today.  We got calls from Ikea about the fact that we never received our sofa and sofa cover.  Every time we called them, no one ever had any idea where our stuff was.  We finally just came back to the hotel after the last guy told me that he was quite certain our stuff would NOT arrive today.  I've never had worse service in my life.  At least as far as my memory serves.  I will never return to Ikea at Homebush Bay.

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  1. Wow - sorry about that - is there a better business bureau in Australia - that is pretty crummy service.......