Friday, February 17, 2012

My Whirlwind Life

Suddenly everything is moving at the speed of light.  I sure hope I can get everything done before we leave.  Jim will be in Taipei until we fly to Sydney.  That's probably a good thing.  Let me backtrack.

So I woke up Wednesday morning and made sure Jim boarded the 5:50am train from Milford to Grand Central Station, NYC.  Drove back home and jumped in the shower.  I knew that the movers would be at my door by 8am.  Wasn't sure if there was going to be a container to load because they spent the previous day regaling me with stories of containers not showing up, ships running aground and dumping people's belongings into the ocean for the pirates to loot, etc, etc, etc.  So by the time they showed up I had already finished two loads of laundry.  We still didn't even know if all our stuff would fit.  Fun.

They knocked on the door just as my coffee finished brewing.  Morning salutations were exchanged and I noticed that they had a container.  Yippee!!  I knew that there was nothing I could do, so I sat down to start my daily blog only to realize that my U-verse account was deactivated.  Oh, joy.  Couldn't entertain my droves of fans (tongue in cheek) all day.  I spent the entire day (8am-1pm) standing in my driveway watching the container get packed VERY professionally.  And guess what?  IT ALL FIT!  Now, there was some creative packing going on, but I don't care.  When it was all said and done, it all fit.

Once the crew ate lunch and left, it was time for me to start loading the car with all our luggage (three bags each).  I drove to the hotel, checked in and proceeded to unpack all the luggage.  Thank goodness they let you use a trolley.  However, I got up to the room and the card didn't work.  I tried sliding in frontways, backwards, fast, slow... you name it, I tried it.  It didn't work.  I had to haul the trolley all the way back downstairs and they had to reprogram the card.  The receptionist came with me to make sure it worked.  I must have looked completely worn out.  Plus, the computer bag had slid off the stack of stuff while I waited.  LOL

After everything was unloaded, I drove back to the house so that the neighbors could go through our cupboards and take anything they wanted.  We had a good laugh at how cheap the shopping was.  I said, "Yeah, not often do you get to go shopping for opened products!"  I also told them about the story of our baking powder.  Now I'll share with you.  Apparently, Jim and I have moved this container of Clabber Girl baking powder since 1992.  I kid you not.  The bottom of the can says that it expired in 1992.  I don't remember when we discovered it, but I definitely recall the huge laugh we got out of that.  Picture it - Jim laughing hysterically.  Can't picture it?  That's one of the great things about being married to Jim.  I get to see a side of him that most people never will.  :)

So then it was off to Kristy's to spend some time with her and the kids.  I'm really gonna miss them.  I never thought I would ever find the kind of friendship that we have.  She's like a sister to me.  It's been really lovely to get to know her and to see her kids start to grow up.  I'm going to miss that.  SKYPE!

I left at 8:40pm to go pick up Jim at the Ansonia train station.  He got to see the hotel room.  Of course, we both discovered together how horrible the bed is.  Does ANYONE enjoy staying in hotel rooms?  The beds are always horrible.  We stayed at a freakin HILTON in Bangor a couple of weeks ago.  It was newly built within the last 2-3 years.  The guy at the front desk was so excited about their dual-control beds.  You can make each side of the bed firmer or softer by turning the dial and then pressing a button or something.  Jim and I were intrigued.  Would we finally find the hotel bed nirvana we've always dreamed about?  We both LOVE soft beds.  Well, we turned our dials and pushed buttons and waited for it.  And we waited for it. And kept waiting.  I told him that I didn't think it was going to get any better.  Don't get me wrong... the bed wasn't that bad as far as hotel beds go, but it wasn't soft enough.  That's for sure.

Speaking of hotel rooms, we just found out tonight where Arup is putting us up for our first month in Sydney.  Here's the link:  The Mantra 2 Bond Street.  We're going to be in an Executive Suite.  Very snazzy.  I'm getting excited.  I've discovered that Arup posted a job listing for an Accounts Payable Assistant and I applied for it.  Wouldn't it be cool if Jim and I worked for the same company?

Well, I guess I'll start to close for the night.  It's been a long day (again) and I really need to check my Cafe and then get some shut eye on my piece of wood.  :)  Later, gators!


  1. Ditto, sweetheart! I wish I could pack you all up and take you with me.