Monday, February 27, 2012

Cost of Living in Sydney

I know that I would be interested in this stuff, so here are the prices of some stuff we bought in the past couple of days:

$6.99 Compact Umbrella
$8.49 Dove lotion 400mL
$7.99 Makeup remover - facial wipes
$4.49 2pk Dove bar soap
$4.19 Dove roll-on deoderant (very small bottle) 50mL
$2.99 Listerine 250mL
$2.79 Coles brand Chewy Muesli bars 6ct
$2.99 Microwave Jasmine rice
$2.98 Doritos
$0.63 White Seedless Grapes 0.318kg
$2.79 Sauce for Chinese dish

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