Sunday, February 12, 2012

Getting on with it

Yesterday was my last day at Eder Brothers. Kinda a sad day, but moving forward. I'll never forget all the friends I made there, but I've done this before. I know that if it was meant to be, then that's it. It was a pretty good day. Lunch was brought in from Duffy's Tavern in West Haven. Kate and Kathy brought me to Duffy's Tavern for lunch one day years ago. I had bangers and mash (it's an Irish pub). 

Anyhoo... Dottie brought in lemon chicken, beef pot roast, mashed potatoes, ziti, some veggie, rolls and salad. The cake came from Stop & Shop. Awesome cake! Whodda thunk that Stop & Shop would have the most awesome cake ever? Marble cake with whipped cream icing. Mmmmm...

Bill and Joe (our accountants) brought me a dozen long-stemmed red roses. Smelled heavenly. I also got gifts from Dorothy and Dottie & Lynn. Thanks, guys! I couldn't believe how much stuff I still had at my desk. Unbelievable how settled in you get. I got hugs from most everyone except Michael and Neal. Dammit! I thought I would break Neal before I left, but he's a wily little sucker. :)

I'll miss them all.

Then it was time for my Mexican fiesta with my bestie, Kristy. We were planning on Longhorn Steakhouse, but with an hour wait, we decided to go next door to Chili's. We had no worries... no one does in Mexico. :)  We ordered margaritas at the bar while we waited for a table. It was nice to go out just the two of us. We both can't remember the last time we were able to do that. Probably before she had Emma! Well, except for our very brief day in New York. But that doesn't count.

Now today we are making final rounds about the house deciding on which picture frames are coming, which are going to charity. Weird not being able to pack up our own house, but it's something I'm starting to appreciate. I sort of remember packing the previous apartments and hating it. LOL

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