Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's PARTY time!

Got another slow start after getting to bed very, very late last night and I had two parties to attend today: one baby party and one grownup party.  Parker's birthday party started at 3pm.  His first birthday was actually February 16th, but the party was today.  Jim and I gave him an appropriately sized Kawasaki for his birthday:

I had to leave before Parker opened his presents, but obviously he and Emma had a great time!  (Sincere thanks to Kristy for sending the photos.)

Next I went to Jimmy Coppola's 50th birthday party at Vazzy's in Bridgeport at 6pm.  We all had a great time.  Danced all night long and participated in a congo line that went through the kitchen, into the main dining room, out the front door and back into the big party room.  We were told that our congo line was only the second one to ever go out of the party room.  I had a slew of really crappy pictures, but due to a bug in the iPhone, they only post sideways to my blog.  Just read all about it in a forum.  I wish I had known that I had to take all my pics landscape so that they would post right side up.  And apparently it makes no difference if I rotate them and then save as a new photo.  Still posts sideways.  Oh well.

The funny thing about both of these parties is that I met people with whom I could probably strike up an awesome friendship with.  I met Colleen at Kristy's house.  Now I had heard a lot about Colleen from Kristy over the past few months, but had never met her.  Great girl - very friendly and outgoing!  Then at Jimmy's 50th, I met Tom and Ann.  They live in Fairfield.  I danced all night with Anne.  Another great girl - loads of fun!  Didn't get back to the hotel until almost 11:30pm (again...)

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  1. It was great meeting you, too! Looking forward to reading about your adventures down under. xa