Thursday, April 5, 2012

We Say, They Say

ANZ = A N Zed (Aussies never say Zee)

Drunk Driving = Drink Driving

Slaughter House = Abattoir

Flooded = Inundated

How's it going? = How you going?

Ketchup = Tomato sauce

Granny panties = Daggies

I'm sure there are more and I just can't think of them.  :)

1 comment:

  1. a couple more I remember:

    Semi ... you say SEM EYE and we say SEMEE

    Tomato .. you say TOM AY TO .. and we say TOMARTO

    Fender ... you say FENDER ... we say MUD GUARD

    Trunk .... you say TRUNK .. we say BOOT

    Sidewalk ... you say SIDEWALK ...we say PATH

    but then it also depends on what state you are from, not all the pronunciations or spellings are the same.

    We recently repatriated to Australia (from Singapore) and we had laughs over similar words. When I lived in the US and also in Canada, I struggled with some of the 'different' meanings too. But its about adapting.

    Not wrong - just different!

    ..... and in Singapore for Character, they say CAR RACK TER.

    or for IKEA, they say ICK EAR

    Its all about learning another culture and the way things are done or said and one of the main reasons we all travel I think!

    Not wrong - just different!

    ENJOY :)