Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, Peeps!

Speaking of peeps, we haven't seen any.  J was just commenting on how chocolate-filled Easter is here.  They're really big on Cadbury, as in... from the UK.  We actually haven't had much Easter chocolate.  I got him a small bag of miniature Cadbury creme eggs because he likes them.  Me, not so much.  But other than that, we haven't had any Easter chocolate.  Oh, wait, hold up!  A girl in my office did hand out candy on Thursday.  So I've had 3 little chocolate eggs!

But today there was an arts and crafts fair in Kirribilli.  After Skyping with my mom and a phone call to J's parents, we headed out.  It turned out to be just like the markets... a variety of homemade items and flea markets.  Of course, I took some pictures for you guys:

This is a passageway from Kirribilli to Milsons Point.  There are four rows of vendors in here and they are always crowded, even more so when it starts to drizzle because it's the only area that's completely covered.

This is the other side of the Harbour Bridge.  You are allowed to walk on one side of the bridge and ride your bike on the other side.  So we're never on this side because we don't have bicycles.

This is one of the food vendors.  J ended up getting Pad Thai and I had a Russian roll up that was basically just minced beef wrapped up in something of a blintz.  In fact, I ended up having two because it was pretty good and they were small... AU$4.00 each!  LOL

I just thought these were cute as heck.  The blue kangaroo had a chocolate Easter egg in his pouch.

Really wanted a cuddle with this lil koala.

The monkey is complete with a banana in his left hand.

We bought two of these pillows for our sofa.

We bought this door stop in an effort to keep the door open.  We now have 4 door stops.  It still isn't enough.  We've got some strong wind bursts in Kirribilli.

Hopefully A isn't reading my blog.  LOL - I doubt it.  He's only two.  Anyhoo, A is the son of friends of ours here in Sydney and he just turned 2 yesterday so we decided to get him a little something for his special day.

I can't believe we still have another day off of work tomorrow.  We were going to go back to Chatswood, but J is saying that he would rather go to Bondi Junction.  I guess this means that I won't get to see my movie.  If there's one thing I know, it's that he doesn't usually keep his promises.  In fact, if he wants to get me to go somewhere with him (mainly because he doesn't like doing things alone), he tells me that he's going out for lunch.  Food will usually get me to go anywhere.  And then by the time we get wherever he wanted to go, he does everything he wanted to do and then he's ready to go home.  I'm just way too gullible.  I should know by now that it's just a trick.  I'm like Pavlov's dog.

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