Sunday, April 29, 2012

Australian Programming

I've been asked by several Sydneysiders what I think of Australian programming.  They all expect me to say that it sucks, I think.  Here are my comments, in no particular order:

1. What's up with the timing?  For instance, on one channel the programs will run from 7:37pm-8:07pm and so forth.  While on another channel, the programs run from 7:33pm - 8:03pm.  It makes it almost impossible to watch one show on one channel and then change to another channel to watch another program.  Depending on which channel you started with, you may miss the first 5 minutes of the next program, which everyone knows is usually the crucial part.  It's the part that sets you up for the whole show.

2. Watch your language!  Apparently there are no rules about what you can or cannot say in Australia.  They must think we are idiots in America because fines for saying the eff word on TV can reach the millions or billions of dollars.  And the fines and endless hullabaloo over Janet Jackson's boob during the Super Bowl must have had them guffawing in the streets here.  There is nothing I haven't seen or heard on TV here.  They've said the eff word, flipped the bird, women have walked around topless...  It would shock some of the Bible belt Americans I know.

3. The commercials are awful.  So awful that I'm close to having a love affair with them.  Picture this.  Husband walks into the kitchen and asks his wife, "What's for dinner?"  She tells him that she's leaving him because she needs some time for herself.  He asks how long she needs.  She tearfully cries out, "At least 2-3 minutes!"  And she runs out of the room.  Then we are given several shots of the husband woefully going around the house missing her - crying over her empty pillow, etc.  The last shot is the dishwasher closing, the husband kneeling on the floor, desperately clutching his wife's legs, so thankful that she's back.  It was a commercial for tea bags.  LOL!

And of course, the programming is all way behind.  I would guess that The Young and the Restless is at least 6 months behind America.  There are old episodes of ER, like from season 7 or 8?  CSI is way behind.  Pretty much everything is way behind except for Glee (only about two months behind) and American Idol (as far as I can tell, we are on schedule with the US).  I'm currently watching a show called Awake.  I really like it.  I just saw the third episode, but I think the whole first season has already aired in the US.

I'll stop now.  I'm sure you get the jist.

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  1. Thanks for the insight! Yeah, I guess, I am one of those Bible Belt Americans who would be pretty upset with the whole TV thing.....

    How is Zumba?