Sunday, April 15, 2012

Waiting for my Ship to Come In

I was able to sleep in this morning because HWWNLBN went in to work this morning (yes, today is Sunday). I woke up at 8 something and had some yogurt, almonds and two cups of coffee.  I watched The Color Purple and a new television show here in Australia (is it American? who knows?) called Awake.  I liked it.  I think I will continue to watch it.  I called HWWNLBN and told him that I would shower and call him before meeting him at the office.  We decided that I would take the ferry into Circular Quay and get fish and chips for lunch.  So here I am...  waiting for my ship to come in.

I also planned to go to the Apple store and get my contacts moved over from my old phone.  I want an iPad.  I definitely don't need one.  I just want one for some reason.  I definitely don't want to shell out $500 (it's actually more in Australia), but I just think they are cool.  :)

Anyhoo, here's the ferry pulling away from the pier in Kirribilli:

And then I got fish and chips and walked over to meet HWWNLBN.  We spent pretty much the rest of the day at his office and then walked home.  Isn't my life grand?

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  1. Is Awake Canadian? I feel like we watched that when we were on vacation in Canada. Canada has really good tv. Love this blog!!