Thursday, April 5, 2012

My New Work Family

Some people have been itching to "meet" my new work family, so I will introduce some of them in this post.  A couple of days ago, I walked to work in a fog.  Literally.

The Harbor Bridge

The Harbor Bridge on the way to work.

This is my view of Darling Harbour.  That's D.  You don't see him that well and when I took more pictures today, he was off work.  So I'll have to get a better picture of him later.  D is really sweet and welcoming.

This is F.  She sits to my right and is our Accounts Receivable.  F plays footie and, I've been told, will have lots of bruises all over by the time the season is over.

This is S.  He and I take care of Accounts Payable together.

B on the left; P on the right.  B helps me order lunch.  Thanks, B!

This is S, IT guy.  :)

D and F

O on the left; N on the right

This was my AU$19 lunch - rump steak with hot chips

This was S's lunch - Pork Belly on Potato Au Gratin bake in gravy and with string beans.

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