Friday, December 28, 2012

Rainy Days on Hamilton Island

It was raining on Sunday when we arrived and also on Monday.  There were brief times of no rain, but not much so we did rainy day activities like bowling and shopping.  Here are a couple of photos of me with Willie, the koala.

These next photos of us "bowling."  It is not bowling as we know it in the states.  The pins are all hung up with ropes and they are further apart from each other.  Also, the bowling balls are MUCH smaller then we are used to.  There are only two finger holes.  Then you have to launch the ball under a string.  It's really quite difficult to play at first.  And even if you throw a perfect ball, you can never get a "strike."  Although there are no regular games anyway.  There are cheesy things like "horse" or "snakes and ladders."

This is one of many paths that we have tread many times this week.  Very lush and tropical.  And hot.  Did I mention that it's really hot here?

See... we can act silly too.


  1. OMG - I love the koala - so cute. It looks like a wonderful vacation!!! It is very cold here, so enjoy that HOT weather!!!

    1. Maria, I loved Willie. They charged you $30 for about 30 seconds and a photo with the koala. The good thing is that they let you have other people take photos too. But you didn't get much time with the koala. And he smelled STRONGLY of eucalyptus. It was wonderful!