Friday, December 28, 2012

Australian Sandwich

I feel like Australia could learn how to make a good sandwich from the US, especially NYC.

Typically sandwiches here are pre-made, so if you don't like "salad" on yours, you are out of luck. Also, if the kind of sandwich you want sells out for the day... Oh well. You just have to pick something else because they are not making any more.

Yesterday I felt like a really good sandwich. What I got was fluffy white bread with a small piece of cheese, an anorexic piece of ham and a small slice of tomato. There was also a microscopic amount of mayo.

Thankfully, the tomato was small and had a minimal number of seeds, but the sandwich was pathetic. I felt like I hadn't eaten anything.

Anyone out there feeling my pain?

1 comment:

  1. Yvette, you seriously need to come to Louisiana and get yourself a Po-boy or a moufaletta,you would not be disappointed at all!!
    Your fb pal Karen Kaye