Monday, December 24, 2012

Hamilton Island Day 1

This is actually the night we arrived:  Sunday, 23 December 2012.  We saw these lawn animals on arrival, but they weren't all lit up until later that night so we went back to get some pics.

Took a second pic because the lights were changing in the background.

So this is the start of our first full day in the Whitsundays.  The weather forecast called for heavy rain most of the day.  We had originally planned to go to Reefworld today, but they let us change to Wednesday.  It may not have mattered because Wednesday it's supposed to rain, too.

Raining at the pool while we had breakfast.

My breakfast.  :)

Raining on the beach.  :)

Crazy people surfing.  Or whatever it is called when you use a paddle and
stand up on something that looks like a very wide surfboard.

Hibiscus flowers near our bungalow

Still raining :)

Birds outside our bungalow

So now we are planning for me to go cuddle a koala next.  Then we are going bowling.  


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