Sunday, December 9, 2012

Partying @ Christmastime

We had our Komli Christmas party on Friday.  Believe it or not, even with all the excitement, I got a little work done in the morning.  By 12:30pm, we were getting into the swing of things.  We were summoned to the balcony and put into teams of orange, blue, pink and yellow.

I was part of the blue team along with Andrew, Ben, Cherise, Nicki and Phoebe.  Each team was given a team envelope with a list of tasks and other goodies.

Our team walked over to King St Brewhouse and got to work.  First order of business... come up with a team name.  We worked through a few.  First, we thought, "Blue Magic," but finally ended with "Blue Steel."

Next up...  a motto.  Okay.  Let's come back to that.

We decided to come up with a crest first.  Andrew grabbed the blue crayon and drew an anchor with a sword and snake.

Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the crest, but believe me... it was awesome!  So after we had that, we decided that our motto would be, "We're taking you down until you drown."  But that wasn't enough.  We also had to translate it into another language.  We tried using Google to translate it into Pirate-speak, but it came out the same.  So then we tried Cockney and got what you see below.

Ben single-handedly came up with our team song (above right).  Excellent!  Now we could eat something.  Nicki got us some wings and hot chips to share.  Then we had to head over to The Glenmore using the clues below.  We had to be there by 2pm or else!

There were refreshments and snacks at The Glenmore.  After all the teams arrived, we had to take turns performing our little ditties.  Then there was trivia!  Thirty-two VERY hard questions.  We would find out later which team won... 

We went back to the office to change into our party clothes.  None of us had any idea where we were going or how we would get there.  Time flew by until we were being ushered outside.  It was time to catch a ride.  Would it be a huge Hummer limo?  No, wait... we were walking down to Pier 8.  Aha!  It was a water taxi!  I've never been on a water taxi before.

We left Darling Harbour, passed under the Harbour Bridge and kept heading northeast.  Some pics from my water taxi...

Tracy - she was on the pink team.

Chris and Declan

Cherise and Belinda (Stacey is behind them.)

L-R:  Marilyn, Ash, Neil and Andrew

Nicki, Phoebe and Carla

Tracy and me

At the end of the ride, we arrived at Ripples @ Chowder Bay.  We were taken to an alfresco dining area overlooking the water.  It was decorated nicely, too.

So we all took some time to get the lay of the land, so to speak.  I walked around a bit, taking in the atmosphere and enjoying each other's company.



Deanna, Carla and Dan's back

Frances and Rodney
L-R: Tracy, Belinda, Nicki, Stacey, Hazel, Chris, Phoebe and Cherise
L-R: Tracy, Belinda, Nicki, Stacey, Hazel, Chris, Phoebe and Cherise 
The Tables

The lovely Tas

The debonair Declan
And then Santa came out.


Just a warning...  this video is at least PG13.  LOL!

Paul did an awesome job as Santa (in my opinion) and I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time.  We all sat down after opening pressies and got to talk with one another.

The menu was great.  We all got an appetizer (entree), an entrée (main) and dessert.  There was coffee and (oh, yeah) lots of alcohol.  The night came to a close after 11pm and we all got a water taxi ride back to Darling Harbour.  Here are more pictures from later in the evening...

And before I forget...  the BLUE team won!  Yeah!

The shoe is on the other foot.  Apparently, Santa was a really bad boy this year.

Goodbye cap!

Oh, dear...  we're gonna be blacklisted.  LOL

Beef Tenderloin

Pasta with Poached Egg

Ryan and Dan - sorry about the quality... Ryan is a lovely kiwi with non-devilish eyes.

Oli getting in the Christmas spirit

Belinda was trying on Nicki's shoes

Me and Marilyn

Frances and Marilyn (what's with the shaky hands??)

Oli, Andrew, Frances and Colin (the flash has blinded Andrew...)

Paul and Frances playing with the reindeer

Frances and me

The Komli Christmas Committee:  Frances, Oli and Deanna
Thank You All SO Much for a WONDERFUL Day!

I think I may have frightened Cherise

So that's all, folks.  We Komli-ites really know how to party.

P.S.  I've purposely made no mention, but for those of us in the "know"...  


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  1. What a great company you work for!! That was so much fun! I love all the fun and crazy ideas and how you didn't even know where the party was and how you all had to change into party clothes! OMG - fantastic! Truly fun!!