Friday, December 21, 2012

Last "Working" Day before Christmas Break

It's been a long, exhausting day, but oh! so satisfying...

It started early this morning.  I took the ferry from Kirribilli to Circular Quay to meet my work colleagues at Scarlett Restaurant in the Rocks.

Kirribilli Pier

When we arrived, we were offered coffee, tea, juice and a continental cold spread of toast, yogurt, muesli and fruit.  The hot breakfast items were to be delivered shortly.

We all enjoyed brekkie (maybe some more than others - LOL)

Since he had such a large breakfast, we all decided that
Chris could be trusted with one glass of champagne.

Bee is hoping there is no repeat of our last party since she's sitting next to him.
He's such a good sport.  We all heart Chris.
I got a birthday card from the group and a pressie from Frances.

Bracelet from Frances.  The pic doesn't do it justice.  It's so me!  PINK!

I forget what prompted this, but isn't Chris the cutest?

I went to one of these in Long Beach, California and haven't seen one since.
I looked inside and saw a bunch of kids painting stuff and having a great time.
I may have to schedule something for a group of friends.  It's great fun.

Let's end on a positive note.
It's 21 December 2012 and the world has not come to an end.
Sorry, Mayans.

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