Saturday, May 19, 2012

Telstra Sucks Rocks

I feel so stupid.  Why?  Because I totally fell for the whole "we're the best"  act that they put on.  The only thing you can rely on Telstra for is being unreliable.  That, and the fact that they don't care that their service sucks.  When I went into a Telstra store recently to find out more information about why my internet connection was constantly (CONSTANTLY) not working, the only thing they suggested was that the modem we were provided with when we started the service was crap and that we should upgrade to a more expensive model.

So, just spend more money.  Good answer.  Except that we fell for that too and the internet connection is STILL not reliable.  I'm only able to type this blog because Mr. Smith had to restart the modem and do goodness knows what else for at least the third time today and it's only 5pm.

Telstra sucks rocks.  If you're moving to Sydney, I would NOT recommend Telstra.

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