Monday, May 14, 2012

Calling All Expats!

On the right side of my blog, I've put a couple of emblems for sites I used quite a bit before and since arriving in Sydney.  If you are looking for information or more help with your move, I recommend you start with one of these.

I was recently contacted by Julien, who created Expat blog (the little pink suitcase -->).  He asked that I create a post telling all my friends and expats about his site.  I'm more than happy to do that.  Julien is dedicated to helping others find their way when navigating new countries.  Here's a bit about what he's up to in his own words:

"I created Expat blog 7 seven years ago.  I had the idea to gather on a unique platform all the expatriates’ blogs all over the world.  Expatriates’ blogs are indeed a great way to get information about real life in a foreign country.  
As the years went by, new features have been added to the website such as a forum, guides, albums and a business directory.  Expat blog has now more than 420,000 members and 1.8 million visitors per month. 

New Jobs and Housing sections 
We just launched 2 new features to help expatriates and soon-to-be expatriates in Australia: Jobs and Housing.  
As a matter of fact, finding a job and an accommodation are essentials to succeed in your expatriation project.  Indeed, this is often where the adventure begins. 
One of the first reasons of mobility is employment.  Looking for a job in Australia from your native country is not an easy task: you do not know where to look for job offers or where to apply.  With its new international job board, Expat blog gives you access to job offers in Australia and everywhere in the world, wherever you are. 

This is the same process when looking for an accommodation.  It is not easy to look for a place to live in Australia when you are quite far away.  The housing section enables you to select or offer accommodations as per your needs: rental, sale, flat share, etc."

Julien is correct, of course.  These two aspects of moving countries are by far the hardest to deal with.  If you're like me, you've never lived outside your native country, you have no idea what job titles mean or where the good neighborhoods are.  I was lucky to have assistance from Relocation Specialists in Sydney.  They helped me tremendously with finding a place to live.  They even assisted with finding a job.  Any assistance you can get is welcome.  So please take the time to visit Julien's site.  The Expat Blog is full of information and helpful tips for the expat.

P.S.  Just as a footnote... I just re-visited the Expat Blog website again.  I still find it relevant, even after I've moved and found a job and have a great place to live.  There's so much more information available to you.  Don't hesitate.  Click!

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  1. Thank you for your article and support Yvette :)