Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Monthly Subscription Boxes

I'm addicted.

I'm obsessed.

It all started with the Crazy Cat Lady Box.  Let me explain.  There's the Cat Lady Box, which includes items for cat moms and their cat.  Then there's the Crazy Cat Lady Box, which includes items for cat moms and their multiple cats.  See the difference?

Here's the video of me (and my multiple cats:  Sami, Smudge and Jellybean) opening our box for May:

Soon after receiving my first Crazy Cat Lady Box, I decided to subscribe to Quilty Box.  This box includes various quilting material, notions and patterns curated by a different quilt designer each month.  This box is awesome.  I really love it.  Here's me opening my latest Quilty Box:

And the obsession has just grown from there.  The best part of subscription boxes is that each month is a surprise.  You never know what you are going to get.

I'm now subscribed to the Sew Sampler (similar to Quilty Box), Birchbox (makeup and hair samples), Ipsy (also makeup samples), Candy Club (three different types of candy each month), Birchbox Man (for Mr. Smith) and Treatsie (this is my latest find and I haven't received the box yet).

It's funny because most of the time I don't like surprises.  I like to pre-plan most of my life.  I like knowing what's coming next.  But these boxes have been a real pleasure for me.


  1. You're too funny. I loved my birch box, but after 6 mos I had to stop I had too many samples! Maybe I should get the bark box? (oh - let the cat people know your mug arrived broken, they'll either send you a new mug or give you a discount. At least that's what Birch box did when I had a damaged product.)

    1. Thanks, Linda!! Yes, I was going to let them know about the mug ... just didn't want to bombard them right away. But I guess I shouldn't wait. LOL!

      P.S. Thanks for the comment! I love comments!