Thursday, May 12, 2016

I've Caught the Bug Again

The quilting and creating bug.

I find myself trolling websites searching for free patterns and signing up for every giveaway I can find ... hoping to win more material (cuz you can never have enough).

I have all kinds of plans for creating awesome quilts!  And bags!  And totes!

There are classes to take and gosh!  I wish I could clone myself.

One of my fav places to get free tutorials is Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Jenny Doan designs their quilts and has tons of You Tube videos.  Here are a couple I really like:

I have to say ... it was very difficult to pick only three.  I'm a HUGE fan.  She just makes everything seem so easy.  Do you follow Jenny?  Do you have a fav?  Please share!

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