Sunday, April 13, 2014

Seasons Change

My favourite thing about the weather is that it changes.  And in some places, these changes are more prevalent than in others.

It's time again for our monthly blogger's challenge.  And thank goodness for the challenge!  Otherwise, I may never blog.  :)

Our topic this month is a photo challenge involving our changing seasons.  I was meant to have posted this on Wednesday, but that was never going to happen so I apologize to C. for turning in my homework late.

I loved living in Connecticut for the changing seasons.  My only complaint to Mother Nature is that she never gives us enough of the good stuff, which for me is Spring and Fall.  There is entirely too much Summer and Winter!  

But back to where I currently reside.  We are technically in Fall, but I would just call it our rainy season.  I don't remember it ever raining so much in the past two years we've been here.  It feels to me like it's been raining for months and months and months.  I usually don't mind the rain too much, but this is overkill.  Here are some pics during our lunch/shopping trip in Crows Nest yesterday:

My initial idea was to take photos of ladies in scarves or whatnot, but it's been too rainy.  Every time I'm outdoors, I'm carrying my purse and my umbrella and sometimes bags and such.  It would be awkward trying to take photos.

These photos weren't that easy to get and I finally just had to take any ole pics.

I'm so looking forward to winter.  I'm ready for layering and scarves!

Please let the rain stop...


  1. With you - so done with this rain!!
    Rain + 1 year old = staying in the house all day = slowly going insane...

  2. I quite like all the colorful buildings - though the rain can certainly be a drag!

  3. i totally miss layering and scarves in DR. I'm not necessarily complaining about blue skies and warm weather all year round but let's just say i savor rainy days like never before now!