Friday, April 25, 2014

Making Plans

Mr. Smith and I have been busy making plans to see more of Australia.  In a couple of weeks we are going to Kangaroo Valley for a long weekend.  It's only a couple of hours from Sydney and it looks gorgeous!  We are staying at Cedar Cottages in their Yurt.  Hopefully we will get plenty of opportunities to commune with the local wildlife.  There are miles of trails to walk.  Can't wait!

We also have a trip planned to Uluru in July.  You may have just seen the footage of the Royals in the area.  Uluru, aka Ayers Rock, is basically a tourist attraction and that's it.  The whole area is dedicated to tourism (so I've heard).  We are staying in a Deluxe room at Desert Gardens.  Here's what I've discovered about the accommodation and restaurants in the area.  They are mostly owned by the same company... a monopoly, if you will.  Everything is quite expensive and they know they've got you.  There's nothing else around.  You are in the middle of the desert.

We've read that you should avoid wearing white, as the flies really like light coloured clothing.  You should also make sure you have head netting to keep the flies from your face.  They don't bite, but are numerous and annoying.

There is a bit of controversy over climbing the rock.  Obviously, telling people that they can't do something makes them want to do it more.  It's a bit of a steep climb for an hour and chains have been installed to help you get to the top.  Mr. Smith and I have not decided if we are going to climb the rock yet.  We'll wait until we get there and get a lay of the land.  The locals request that you not climb because they consider it to be sacred.  Anyhoo.  We'll see.

So that's what we have so far.

I would also like to spend a weekend at Jenolan Caves and maybe a few days on Kangaroo Island.  I have heard rumours that I don't get the two weeks off at Christmas at my new job, so not sure what we'll do for a holiday.

Do you have any plans coming up that you're excited about?  Tell me in comments!

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