Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kid's Meals

Here in Australia, no one seems to mind when an adult woman orders a kid's meal.  Mr. Smith and I went to Nando's today (I love Nando's) and he noticed that there was a kid's meal section.  

We've been to a Nando's before, but everywhere you go in Australia everyone seems to think you should be ready to order in about 5 nanoseconds and I'm the type of person who loves to look over a menu for hours.  That's why, my friends, I like to plan early.  I love when I can find a menu online and spend lots of time reading over everything to make sure I order EXACTLY what I want.

Anyhoo.  I digress.

The menu at Nando's SAYS that only persons 12 and under can order from the kid's menu, but I walked right up and ordered the kid's menu I wanted and no one questioned me or seemed to care that that was what I wanted.

I order the kid's size of lots of things in Sydney.  And apparently I can carry on because no one minds.

I like it here!

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