Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Day at Work :)

We are having a couple of days of special training for our sales managers.  We flew in a couple of fellow employees: one from New Zealand and one from Melbourne.  I commented on the fact that we apparently only hire the beautiful people.  LOL!  After a long morning in the first meeting, we took the girls to lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant.  It's the Condor on York street.  Someone ordered something extra special.  Check it out:

Unfortunately, we had to go back to the office.  After another few hours in the meeting room, we decided to pop off early (am I saying that right, Aussies?) and go down to Bungalow 8 for drinks.  Some of our sales managers were also going to an industry Halloween party after, so they started to get ready.  Some special pics:

A group of friends

Frances and Benn (the Easter Bunny)


Dan, the Sailor for Halloween

Dan getting his makeup done by Nicki


Belinda and Deanna

Me and Chris, my fellow American

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