Monday, October 22, 2012

Blue Plate Diner

Mr. Smith and I finally made our way to an American food restaurant that was highly recommended.  It's called Blue Plate Diner and it's located in Neutral Bay.  We walked there.  It was very warm and pretty much all uphill on the way there.  We only got a little lost.  :)

Here are some pics:

My A&W Root Beer float

My Seafood Poboy


  1. How did you find it? We've always been just a smidge disappointed in Blue Plate. That Po'Boy does look good, though, never had that. If you even want a great American style burger, there's an amazing burger place on the same block as Blue Plate called Ribs and Burgers.

    1. I've learned to lower my expectations, that's for sure. But honestly, while this is far from the poboy I would have gotten in Louisiana, the shrimp were seasoned well and it tasted good. But I think I would go back strictly for the wings. The buffalo wings were excellent and I think on Thursday nights you can get 2 orders of wings for the price of one.

      I've recently heard about the place called Ribs and Burgers. Now that I've had TWO thumbs up, we'll definitely have to check it out. :)