Sunday, September 2, 2012

SIMS Harbour Hike

Mr. Smith and I decided to participate in the SIMS Harbour Hike today (Australian Father's Day), 02 September 2012.  It was a great way to see more of Sydney.  We found a nice park we would like to walk back to another time.  Of course, I took lots of photos and some videos:

You could see clear to the bottom!

I loved this tree.

Mr. Smith loved this house.


I can't believe someone has a pool out there.

I think this must be 42 Wallaby Way

Beautiful calla lilies growing in the wild.

This was our route.

Last check point.  You can see the entrance to Sydney Harbour.

Pirate ship!

That's NOT our apartment building.  LOL

I hope no one gets ill watching this video.
I tried to show what it was like to be on the trail.


  1. Quiet - this could end up on my blog. LOL.

    What a hike! Great photos - what kind of camera are you using?

    1. I'm just using my iPhone 4S. Amazing, huh?

  2. That looks like a long hike!!! I love it!

    1. It certainly was a long hike, but worth it!