Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Driver's License

I got my new NSW Australian driver's license on Thursday!  I don't have a car here in Sydney, but that's just a technicality.  LOL

You have to wait until you've been in Australia for 6 months before they will give you a license.  What Mr. Smith and I didn't realize is that you have to have been in Australia for 6 CONTINUOUS months before they'll give you a license.  So, I have a license, but he may never have one.  He went to Taipei on business a couple of months ago and it looks like they are sending him back this month, so the six month countdown will begin again.

We were only concerned because he would like to buy a motorcycle out here and they will not finance anyone who is not licensed in Australia.  So we are going for test rides today and will find out if they will let me finance the bike, even though I'm NOT licensed to drive one.

Could this get any more difficult?

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