Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chatswood Street Fair 2012

I didn't take very many pics.  It was a typical street fair.  I love them, but not so much in the way of photo opportunities.  Before going, I was told about something called "chips on a stick."  I was curious and had never seen them before.  Well, here they are at the Chatswood street fair in all their glory:

Woman holding chips on a stick

Little boy holding his chips on a stick

Chips on a stick waiting for seasoning and a happy stomach!

This is one of the bands that were performing.  I did not record them for any reason except the cute little kids dancing in the front.  Video after the photos.  LOL!

This next video is an orchestra performance:


  1. Great street fair - I wish we had things like that here! And those chips on a stick - what a fabulous idea! How did it taste????

    1. Well... I know you're gonna think I'm crazy, but I didn't eat one. We had just had lunch and I wasn't hungry. But I'm sure I'll get my chance as they are pretty popular out here. :)