Monday, December 30, 2013

Our New Zealand Vacation: Day Three

Day Three:  23 December 2013

We woke up and prepared for the day.  Breakfast at Brook House B&B was continental.  We went to the kitchen and found yogurt, cereal, fruit and juice.  Deciding that we wanted something a little more, we drove to the Kaikoura Food Company and Fudge Factory for their brekkie specials.

Mr. Smith ordered the $10 pancakes and I ordered the $10 bacon and eggs.  We both had large coffees and were very happy with our decision to eat there.  The staff were very friendly and our coffee came looking too good to drink and with a little fudge on the side.

Planning our route with our little lamb, Lucy

Lucy wants to know, "Where is my coffee?"

We drove to Hanmer Springs ... about a 2 hour drive west of Kaikoura.  The roads were twisty.  We encountered some cows in the road and lots of one-lane bridges.

Once we arrived in Hanmer Springs, we decided to embark on a hike.  Mr. Smith chose the Waterfall Walk.  We paid $3 for a brochure which said that this particular hike was for "experienced" walkers and that it would take 3 hours round trip.

When we got to the entrance of the walk, the sign said the walk would take 2 1/2 hours round trip.  We finished in 2 1/4 hours!  :)

The waterfall at the end of the walk ... now to walk back!

Looking up at the waterfall

Me AFTER the walk - don't judge!!

Advertising for the Jet Boat ride!

Me on a bridge on the way to the waterfall

Finally made it to the waterfall!

Weird looking tree in Hanmer Springs

It was quite a challenging hike ... all uphill on the way to the waterfall, but definitely worth it!  Note to self and anyone else attempting this - DON'T FORGET THE WATER!!

We ate a late lunch in Hanmer Springs - we were so hungry and thirsty after all that exertion!  We went to Robbie's Bar & Bistro, mainly because they advertised a $7.50 build-your-own-sandwich.  So we each ordered a sandwich.  Mr. Smith got a beer and I got a cider.  Somehow lunch was $40.  What?  How did that happen?  And I had walked in just wanting water anyway.  Whatever.

After lunch, we walked around town a bit and window-shopped.  Then we piled back in the car and headed for Christchurch.  We arrived at Finlay Banks Boutique Bed and Breakfast at about 17:30.  It is a beautiful house.  We met Lindsay, Fay and their dog, Zac.  After we were shown to our room and settled in, we sat down for an easy conversation for a couple of hours before heading back out for dinner.  Thank goodness there were plenty of options within walking distance at a mall.

We walked through the mall for a bit, just checking things out.  Mr. Smith wanted to go see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.  Don't get me wrong - I really want to see it, too.  But in the middle of our driving tour?  I would just fall asleep in the middle of it.  LOL

So we finally decided to go to Fox & Ferret for dinner.  I cooked my own surf and turf dinner on a hot stonegrill.  (These seem to be very popular in New Zealand.)  Mr. Smith had a pork belly burger (don't get him started...)  We each had a cider and dinner was $75.  I want to ask each person I spoke to prior to this trip who told me that New Zealand was soooo cheap...  really?  Where did you all eat?  Maccas every night?  Oh well, easy come... easy go...

Me cooking my own dinner @ Fox & Ferret - and paying to do so - LOL

Theatre destroyed by earthquake in Christchurch

More views from the passenger seat

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