Saturday, June 23, 2012

Normal Business Hours?

I went to see "Say a Little Prayer" at the Chatswood RSL today.  It is basically a large room with a bar at one end and a stage in the middle.  Quite an interesting afternoon.  It was over at about 4pm so I decided to go over to the mall for a tiny bit of retail therapy at Myer (a department store).  After that, I remembered that I needed some items from Priceline.  I thought after Priceline I could walk over to Muffin Break and get a couple of lovely muffins for Mr. Smith and I.  Heck, I could even pick up a Boost fruit smoothie for the train ride home.

Suddenly I'm being coaxed out of the Priceline to this:

A mall.

So I went home.  I ended up getting a sweet Korean pancake for the train ride home.  Delish!  How can you go wrong with cinnamon and sugar?

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  1. Saturday afternoon and no one is at the mall! Too funny!