Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Measure of a Friend

I find myself wondering, "What's a true friend?"

Mr. Smith has always been my best friend.  It has always been me and him against the world.  And then he got a job that took him away for long periods of time.  And he worked really long hours.  I didn't see him so much.

I got used to it.  And I started making new friends and doing new things.

Then he asked me to move to the other side of the world with him and it all sounded so cool and glamorous.  One by one, my friends got other new friends and I've been all but forgotten.  It doesn't seem so wonderful anymore.

Now I've only got Mr. Smith.

I realized that maybe Mr. Smith and I aren't the same people we once were.  Are we still best friends?  Is it still us against the world?  Can you go back?

No!  We shouldn't look back and mourn our past.  We both need to look forward to our next adventure as our new selves.  And always remember that we have each other's back, for better or for worse.

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