Sunday, March 17, 2013

Growth Charts Part Deux

Here we go again!

I pulled out my Pellon Peltex 72 double-sided fusible interfacing.  I had to buy it from the states and get it delivered.  The main reason I ordered it from the states is two-fold:  first, they sell everything under different brand names here and I can't figure it out; second, I don't have a car so I would have to pay to use a GoGet and then hope that the store I go to has something I could use.  I end up feeling stupid... asking tons of questions... not knowing what everything is.  But, that doesn't matter right now.  Let's move on.

So as I said... I pulled out my interfacing.  It was the first time I had unwrapped it.  I had asked the shop to cut it into 6 1-yard pieces, if possible.  Sometimes they offer and sometimes they refuse and send it to you in one big piece.  To my surprise, they cut it into the six pieces just as I asked.

I buy a lot of stuff through Etsy.  If you are interested, visit the website.  Not everything is just fabric and stuff for you to make things with.  There are a lot of people selling their homemade goods.  This is the shop I bought the Pellon from:  Twilltape Shop

This is three of the six pieces of stabilizer.
The Pellon Peltex 72F comes with instructions when you buy it.
I've purchased fusible web here in Sydney for applique projects.
It did not come with instructions, so I had to go online to get reminders.

So I had to join the three pieces together.  It was so stiff that I had a hard
time getting the pieces together.  The pieces were also much larger than the
throat of my sewing machine, so that added to the difficulty.  I've got
muscles where I never had them before.  LOL

This was the best part of joining the stabilizer - the end!

So once I had all the stabilizer pieces joined, it was time to fuse them to my material.  I opened my quilting table as large as I could and laid my backing material down good side down.  Then I laid the stabilizer on top of it.  Finally, I laid the growth chart on top and started ironing on the WOOL setting (no steam).  After I ironed it on both sides, I cut the sandwich down to the same size as the top.

The next step was to iron the whole thing again on both sides.  I was supposed to use a damp pressing cloth, but I don't have a pressing cloth.  I improvised by just spraying everything down and ironing...  again, using the WOOL setting on my iron.

Here's where I am now:

So now I only have to bind them.  That has its own challenges, but I have good thoughts.

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  1. You are very (extremely)talented! I am impressed!